Meet The Keto Cooks

Meet the team behind The Keto Cooks. We are a husband and wife team who have spent much of (ok, all) our adult lives overweight. About a year ago my husband Adam learned about something called the Ketogenic diet. I thought he was crazy. You can’t lose weight eating FAT! Ironically we live in a low fat, yet high obesity, country. Wow, did he prove me wrong. Here he is before and after starting Keto.


Thirty pounds down and 6 months into his journey, I joined him and started following a Keto lifestyle after having my second child. I had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease 12 years prior, so giving up other grains was easy for me. I found that I thrived on this new low carb, high fat diet and felt satiated eating fats. Before my diet was mostly made up of quick carbs and sugars. So here I am, 57 pounds lighter, and still on my journey of health. (You can read about my 12 year Journey to Onederland next!)


To stay successful eating a high fat, moderate protein and zero to low carb diet we’ve had to get creative with our cooking. This diet flies in the face of the low-fat, “healthy grains” traditional American diet. But, with a little work you can have your keto cake and eat it too! As a Stay at Home/Working Mom, it’s  been trying but rewarding to cook most of our meals from scratch. I’ve come up with my own daily routine to manage the household, work and kids.

I hope our website brings you great recipes and ideas to try on your own journey to health.