Greek Wedge Salad | The Keto Cooks

The Classic Wedge Salad had a place of honor on the tables of America in the 1950’s -1960’s. These days designer greens like arugula, watercress and kale are in their heyday and we pay the price of their popularity in our grocery budget. What better time to go retro?

How does a cold head of iceberg lettuce make the perfect wedge salad for more than 5 decades?  The reason is surprisingly simple; it lacks a strong flavor. Iceberg lettuce is a neutral plate on which to place your salad toppings and that is where you can get really creative with a wedge salad. The Balsamic and Goat Cheese wedge, the Classic Blue Cheese, Bacon and Tomato wedge and the Waldorf fruit wedge all have one thing in common: a combination of strong ingredient flavors where your iceberg lettuce serves as bulk filling.

Our favorite wedge is a rendition on a Greek Salad with some extra toppings to make a filling keto meal. We replace the creamy dressing with a Joy of Garlic Kalamata Olive dressing from our local farmers market. Any low-carb dressing will do, Greek Vinaigrette is another great option are the zero calorie Walden Farms Salad Dressings. Add in other strong flavors like feta cheese and muffaletta Italian olive spread for a knock-your-socks-off meal.


Ingredients (for one Wedge):

  • 1/2 to 1/4 head of Iceberg Lettuce
  • 2 Tbsp crumbled bacon
  • 2 Tbsp feta cheese
  • 1 sliced egg
  • 2 Tbsp Muffaletta/Italian olive salad
  • 1/2 small, sliced avocado
  • 1 sliced, hardboiled egg

Bon Appétit!


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