The Keto SAHM + 15 Minutes to a Clean Kitchen Video

“What do you do all day?” – a friend

A friend without kids.

A friend who still goes to movies on the weekend and shops at stores that don’t have toy aisles.

How I get Yoga done; Toddler on her own mat with art supplies.

I really need a different term to describe what I do all day as a Stay at Home/Work From Home Mom (SAHM). You see, we DON’T stay at home. We spend at least half of our day outside the house. Buying fresh food, working on my business, meeting up for preschool-homeschool dates, going to doctor appointments etc. I know a lot of busy moms and I realized quickly that being a SAHM actually means you are constantly on the go, with kids in tow. This is why when a mom gets to just peruse Target with nothing but a latte in her hand it feels like a slice of heaven.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how SAHM’s spend their time. One in 4 surveyed actually work from home. Can you imagine the juggling routine? I live it, with a children’s resale business and eBay. I’m not complaining; I chose this life and I love it, but it’s not easy.  My husband is an AMAZING support and is the home baker for our delicious Keto desserts. But he works outside the home so for hours a day I alone am the parent, short order chef, Director of Child Development, wait staff, event planner, nurse and maid. I sometimes envy my husband being able to go to work outside the home. He gets a lunch break. I eat lunch standing at the kitchen island while making lunch for a toddler and entertaining a baby. It’s a constant struggle trying to balance housework, business and children.

If you are still reading, thanks! You must relate! I wanted to share this post with you as I’ve had many moms asking me how we balance cooking at home, the constant grocery shopping for keto foods when we eat a lot of meat/vegetables, and the constant kitchen cleaning we have to do when cooking so much!

So here it is, my typical day; the first half spent primarily on kids/business and the second on Keto shopping and meal prep:

6am: Good Morning! Baby boy wakes up to eat. I weigh. Another pound down!

6:30: Toddler wakes up, I put Baby in his activity center and make the Toddler breakfast. We cook sliced ham, cut open an avocado and half a cheese stick to share. While Toddler is eating I start cooking Oven-Baked Chicken and Creamed Spinach for my husband to take to work for lunch.


7am: Unload the dishwasher from dinner, reload from breakfast. Clean kitchen. Help toddler with her writing.

before after

See the 15 Minutes to a Clean Kitchen video HERE

7:30: Have a Bulletproof Coffee while checking my resale invoices, package up sales to mail at the post office later.

8am: Finish my now cold coffee. Get toddler dressed. Change baby. Load the car.

8:30: Mail packages at the post office. Let me tell you, taking 2 kids and packages into the post office is a challenge, but they know us by name and the local Postal Center has a play area for the kids, so helpful! Why is a drive thru post office not a thing yet?

9am: Our first sourcing stop, we visit local resale/thrift stores to source items for our online store. Today it’s Goodwill. I picked up a scarf today for $2 that sold for $49!

9:30: Stop to feed baby in the car while toddler has some cheese crackers. While feeding baby, upload tracking numbers for customers that I received at the post office for the items I mailed.

10am: Second sourcing stop of the day, a kid’s resale store. We take in the clothing the kids have outgrown to get store credit. I purchased a rare Easter Bunny toy with some of the credit for $2.50 that I then sold on eBay within twelve hours for $43.

11am: We head home for lunch. Baby is asleep and Toddler is drawing while I cook lunch. Today it’s fish with sliced vegetables and dip and an Italian Soda (mix a La Croix water with heavy cream).

11:30: Begin making this weeks Blueberry/Strawberry Greek Yogurt reusable pouches for Toddler.

I use a cup of blueberries, 4 small strawberries, Cabot Greek yogurt and monk fruit zero calorie sweetner to make her pouches. These are the Squeeze with Eeezee brand made from silicone (so much easier to clean!)

12pm: Eat lunch and do stickers with Toddler. Baby wakes up to eat and play. Clean kitchen from lunch. Unload and load dishwasher again. Change out the laundry.

12:30: Toddler watches a show while I hold the baby and list the new items we sourced this morning on eBay.

1pm: NAP TIME – Toddler plays quietly in room until she falls asleep. Which means we will be cleaning her room later because she plays as quietly as a locomotive. I fold the laundry that has been in the dryer for 2 days and pick up the play room. Baby is up so we do tummy time and practice reaching for toys.

2:30: Toddler wakes up. Make shopping list while I feed Baby. Head to ALDI

2:50: Had to make a pit stop for a Black Iced Coffee.

3pm: First grocery stop is ALDI (Check out my ALDI Shopping Post on some of their best stocked items) Today we buy ingredients for Egg Salad and a Chuck Roast for the crockpot.

4pm: Toddler snack time. She has a yogurt pouch and I have 1 net carb Cheese and Rosemary Flackers.

4:15: Start making Egg Salad. The whole process takes about an hour from boiling to peeling to mixing. I’ve been rocking the teething Baby in his Rock n’ Play with my feet while I’m peeling the eggs. I let it cool about an hour before we have dinner.

5:30: Feed baby again while Toddler is asking for dinner. Scoop out Egg Salad, sliced tomatoes and cheese for her dinner. Put away Toddler and Baby clothes.

6pm: Fold last load of laundry, clean play room with Toddler and clean up her room for bedtime routine starting soon!

6:15: Hallelujah Daddy is home. We eat dinner, I pack up leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. He takes over with bath/bed for toddler and I put baby to bed.

7:15: Approaching the end of my 14 hour shift. I finish loading the dishwasher so I can unload it again in the morning. Put the last of the laundry away and sit down to work on invoicing for my resale business. Post any new recipes on The Keto Cooks.

This is pretty much my daily routine. It varies in that some days we do Yoga or go to a preschool playdate (like our recent farm trip!) but it always follows a pattern of splitting my day up into chores. What does your SAHM routing look like? How do you meal prep for Keto? I’d love to hear from you!




  1. Im tired just reading this – LOL! Sounds like you have done a great job organizing your time to squeeze the most you can out of your day. Kudos to you for taking the time and effort to cook fresh healthy food for your family! We do not have young children, and so I am able to do the bulk of our weeks cooking on Sunday afternoons, with one more full dinner cooked on Wednesday or Thursday night most weeks. We aim to enjoy a rich but simple life here and enjoy the ease of leftovers!


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